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Meditation in Nature. Stillness. Deep Breathing. Peace.  River. Waterfall.


A song will go to your heart in a way words can't reach.  

This is what I know: Sound heals, songs reach, and they open up your heart.

My work is combining the visceral, emotional and ethereal in a meditative practice that expands your imagination and highest possibility.

Between Cape Cod and the Cayman Islands, I've discovered and leveraged this incredible meditative energy to fast-track my Bucket List. This unique field grants access to everything from creative inspiration and stress relief to the physical out-picturing of your greatest aspirations.

Let me spend an hour with you in the comfort of your home.  

W H A T ' S   I N   T H I S   F O R   Y O U ? 


I love helping people see their inner strength.

The greatest benefit is in the ability to release limited visions so you can manifest at a greater level than you ever thought possible. 

I'm interested in building your tolerance for receiving and your bandwidth for happiness, by guiding you into this unique portal of receptivity - the energetic field where all is not only possible, but True.

Through radical compassion and empathy, you can invite more self care tools that magnetize more abundance into your life on every level.   

What can I expect to experience?



Sense of lightness  

A relaxed body

Your heart feels more open

Deep peace

Vibrationally attuned


Emotional relief

Dissolving Creative Blocks



 "Life is hard and things can feel  heavy -- what Cheryl gives is a straight shot to feeling good right now.  Her intuitive insights and kindness help me in a visceral way and she said things I didn't even know I needed to hear. It fast-tracked me to a place of emotional  relief and each session builds upon this." 

-- GP, Advertising  Strategist / Los Angeles

"What you did literally shifts my cells. Whether it’s addressing my job change or a marital issue, I can get through them now far surpassing my expectations and past points in traditional therapies. I know what the power of success feels  like in my life now and I love it."
-- TS, Healthcare Analyst / Boston

"When you sing, I can actually feel transformation and miracles happening. I've had some skin issues that were triggered by anxiety and stress. When I began having regular sessions, my skin started healing itself without me doing anything. My skin has completely cleared up! Your magic works on many levels. Thank you."

-- PD, Writer / New York


"Spirit is alive in you. It is evident that your Faith is real and people are drawn to that feeling and light in you. You connected with me; I feel this presence coming through you and it is miraculously healing.” 

-- BL, Minister / Cape Cod

"You are a fount of wisdom and understanding."

-- CK, Music Publisher / Los Angeles

The Cayman Islands Connection


My Greatest Influence

I had the opportunity to go on an adventure and I took it!  I had already been on the greatest adventure, which is the wild ride of being spiritually connected. I was in the enviable position of accepting music work in the western Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. The Caymans are less than an hour flight from the massive Atlantis Energy Vortex of Bimini.

When this tropical invitation came up, I thankfully and thrillingly accepted. I began teaching in a small school in an economically distressed area and then went on to teach meditation & music on Grand Cayman, where local chickens walked around parked Ferraris.

What I received uniquely from being in the islands was a deep connection with the natural world, creative inspiration and an opportunity to see miracles manifested. 


Manifestation begins with simply an alteration of perception. 

The most remarkable thing I discovered through meditation with music and affirmative prayer was the time between my imagined desires and the out-picturing of those dreams into physical form, became very brief. 

Sometimes, instantaneous.  

I could ask for and receive faster than I ever thought possible. I never experienced anything like it.  

The Islands' climate and spiritual presence invites the perfect storm of immersion. This virtual spectrum of possibilities magnifies the powerful process of transforming thought into matter. 

I could leverage this energy to effect changes in frequency with the least amount of effort. Inside this portal, my physical electromagnetic field became aligned with the frequency of Spirit.


Whether it is their strong Faith in practice / remoteness of the islands / being completely surrounded by water / fascinating history of those who have gone before - Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman embody a spiritually rich, creatively metaphysical environment like no other place I have lived.

Writing music, creating meditations, vocal coaching, counseling clients in the tropics - everything was expedited in the quickest, most thorough and joyously abundant manner imaginable! 

That's when I knew that what I call The Cayman Cadence Connection™  could help others as well to envision, allow and manifest deep soul desires with more ease, speed and clarity. 

I'm a singer and church music director. I've recorded albums and performed The Star Spangled Banner at Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium. I sang at The Agape International Spiritual Center, The Roxy, The Village Gate, in NY and LA; Portugal and Grand Cayman. I was trained in Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith’s methods and school. I now call Cape Cod my home where I see clients, provide music to various churches and stay open to miracles. 


Restorative Meditation / Melodic Song Healing

Original, Soulful Folk Ballad about the often long way to get to here.  

© C.Kain 1992

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About Cheryl


I've recorded albums and performed The Star Spangled Banner at Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium. I wrote and performed original songs at The Agape International Spiritual Center, where I also studied directly with Reverend Michael Beckwith. I performed at The Roxy/LA and was a regular jazz singer at The Village Gate in NY. I taught music and performed in Lagos, Portugal and in the Cayman Islands. I now call Cape Cod my home where I see clients and stay open to miracles. 

Certifications and Studies

Certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Yale University & CC Lighthouse Charter School 

Licensed Music Teacher - Choral/Instrumental, PreK-12 State of Massachusetts

Foundational Science of Mind Year of Study - Agape University, Los Angeles

Meditation Instructor - Wyndham Reef Resort, Grand Cayman

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health - Health For Life Integrative Wellness Immersion Program 

Features/New Media Writer - Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. For samples:

Wayfaring Stranger


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